The third party may institute arbitration proceedings according to provisions of these arbitration rules if it considers that the following conditions have been met:

  1. that the domain name is identical or to a large extent similar to a certain name to which the third party is entitled (e.g. registered name and trademark right);
  2. there is a justified risk that many persons may be mislead as the result of a misleading effect of the identical name or the name that is very similar;
  3. that the domain holder does not have the right or legitimate interest to use the domain under such a name;
  4. that the domain user has registered the domain and/or that he uses it contrary to the principle of good faith and fair dealing.

The arbitration proceedings will be conducted by a sole arbitrator, listed on the list of arbitrators and appointed by the Committee for .hr domain management. The list of arbitrators will be prepared by the CARNET Managing Council, at the proposal of the Committee. They will be professionals from the fields of law and information technologies

The arbitration proceedings will be conducted according to the "Arbitration rules for settlement of disputes concerning domains", which is an integral part of the Ordinance on Organisation and Management of National Internet Top-level Domain (Articles 32 - 56).

Arbitration proceedings

  1. Fill out and verify the request for institution of arbitration proceedings ("Zahtjev za pokretanje postupka", Croatian only);
  2. The request should be accompanied by:
    • Proof supporting the reasons for filing the request. If the text of the reasons is exhaustive and requires elaboration of arguments on several pages, the claimant can enclose it as a separate document;
    • Proofs that the claimant attempted to solve the dispute amicably;
    • Information about other proceedings (court, administrative or arbitration), if any, which were conducted, or are being conducted, concerning the matter in dispute or in connection with it;
    • Payment receipt proving that an advance payment of the arbitration proceedings costs has been made.

    All relevant documentation which has not been submitted in the electronic form should be submitted in three copies by the claimant, otherwise it will be considered that the documentation had not been submitted at all. If several parties participate in the procedure, the number of the necessary copies will increase so that there is one copy per each of the opposing parties, the arbitrator and for the Committee records.
  3. The request for the institution of arbitration proceedings should be submitted with the necessary additional documentation by e-mail to registar@domene.hr and in writing (sent as a letter post item or handed in at the registration office) to:

    Hrvatska akademska i istraživačka mreža CARNET
    Josipa Marohnića 5
    10000 ZAGREB
  1. Upon receipt of the complete documentation, the Committee will appoint the arbitrator from the list of arbitrators;
  2. All documentation will be sent to the arbitrator and to the parties involved in the arbitration;
  3. The arbitrator will bring the decision autonomously. His decision will be considered executive and binding.

The proceedings have to be finalised no later than 60 days from the day of submission of the case to the arbitrator.

When lodging the request for the institution of arbitration proceedings, the claimant shall pay a fee for the registration and an advance arbitrator's fee in accordance with the price list prepared by the CARNET Managing Council at the Committee's proposal.

The arbitration fee shall be [AMOUNT].

When making an advance payment for the arbitration proceedings costs, the claimant has to enter the following data:

Addressee/To the credit of an account: Državni proračun RH, CARNET, J. Marohnića 5, 10000 Zagreb
Purpose of payment: Prepayment of arbitration proceedings costs
Model: 63
Account number: 1001005-1863000160
IBAN: HR1210010051863000160
Credit reference number: 5673-21852-848991044
Amount: [AMOUNT]