The management of the global domain name system as well as the system of the central servers that ensure the functioning of the DNS (Domain Name System) is realized through the independent ICANN organization (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). The Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNET) manages the national domain of the Republic of Croatia (.hr) since 1993.



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Additional information related to version 5.8.1 is available here.

Paid .hr domains

The Croatian academic and research network - CARNET has been managing the national domain of the Republic of Croatia (.hr) since 1993. All .hr domains are registered in accordance with the Ordinance on the organisation and management of the national top-level domain.

Free .hr domains (.hr and are registered via CARNET, while paid domains (.hr and are registered exclusively through authorized registrars. The list of authorized registrars is available here .

There is no limit to the number of billing domain registrations.

Billing .hr domain can be registered by:

- legal entities (companies, associations, political parties and other organizations with legal personality) registered in the Republic of Croatia,
- all natural persons in the Republic of Croatia,
- foreign legal entities that have a registered company in the Republic of Croatia,
- legal entities established in the EU and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland using the VAT / OIB number.

Unlike charged .hr domains, domains can be registered by all legal and natural persons, regardless of whether they are from Croatia or the European Union.

The administration of charged domains is performed exclusively through authorized registrars, and this is all additional information required for verification on their official website.

ICANN71 Virtual Community Forum

From 14 to 17 June 2021, the ICANN71 (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Virtual Community Forum was held. CARNET participated in the ccNSO (Country Code Names Supporting Organization) meetings dealing with the topics of the ccNSO internal management model, rules and mechanisms for revoking the ccTLD (country code top level domain), and also met the ccNSO Council which discussed global domain space management issues and ccTLD management best practices.

Numerous GAC (Governmental Advisory Committee) and GNSO (Generic Name Supporting Organization) meetings, security and DNSSEC workshops, a plenary lecture on ICANN-related regulatory development, and a plenary lecture on ICANN's multi-stakeholder model were also held. within the Internet Governance ecosystem and discussed the future of post-pandemic ICANN meetings.

ICANN's mission is to help ensure a stable, secure, and unified global Internet. It was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization for the purpose of public interest with a community of participants from all over the world. The ICANN community develops and regulates policies that ensure the security, stability, and resilience of the Internet and supports a multi-stakeholder policy-making model and advice driven by consensus of community development work.

Read more about ICANN here.