Domain deletion

Deletion of free domains is done online in the following way:

  1. on the domain administration page, enter the domain name domain
  2. the authorization link must be sent to the domain holder
  3. the domain holder will receive an authorization link by e-mail and clicking on the link opens the domain administration interface
  4. the domain deletion request is initiated by clicking on the "Request deletion of domain"
  5. all contacts associated with the domain will be automatically notified that that domain deletion has been requested
  6. the domain will be deactivated 15 days after receiving the request, and it will be deleted 30 days after receiving the request

For a domain that is placed in the status of deletion following the instructions above, it is possible to send a request for accelerated deletion to the e-mail address The request must be submitted from the e-mail address of the domain holder.

Accelerated deletion request is not necessary if you want to register a new free domain name. It is enough to request the deletion of the current domain following the instructions above and submit a request for registration of a new free domain.